Veterinary Assistance Program

Veterinary Assistance Program

As animal lovers, we want the best for our pets. Unfortunately, circumstances change and during difficult times we are not always able to provide the care our sick or injured animals may require. Nothing is more heartbreaking to a pet owner than having an animal in need of medical attention with the expense beyond their ability to afford.

Our Veterinary Assistance Program provides small grants to low-income pet owners in Tennessee whose pets are in need of urgent medical care. To date, we have helped thousands of deserving animals suffering from illnesses, broken bones, torture, and other painful conditions.

Pet owners may call our V.A.P. hotline, (615) 383-0074 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can apply directly over the phone. Should they meet our grant guidelines, we will work directly with their vet to arrange for payment. Most grants are for $150.00.

Of course, there is always more need than we can ever possibly address each and every month. If you want to help keep this critical, life-saving program going, please consider making a donation, today. 100% of your tax-deductible donations to the Veterinary Assistance Program goes directly toward helping to pay for desperately needed medical care for pets in our community.

Click here for a list of other veterinary assistance resources.

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